Alien Attack (EN)

About the project

“Alien Attack” is a computer game for the MSX home computer platform, which was very popular in the 1980s, especially in Japan, Spain, South America and the Netherlands. In Germany, the 8-bit system eked out a shadowy existence in the face of strong competition from the Commodore C64 and others.
Well, it was an MSX computer that I got as a gift in 1984. Probably since then, my dream (which I probably share with many pimply computer kids of my generation) has been to develop a “real” computer game myself.
It was to take 36 years until this dream came true. For some years now, I have rediscovered the fascination for “my” old system and had to realise that there is a very active community around the globe that still shares this passion. Thus, out of this fan community, numerous hardware and software products for the MSX system are still being created, annual development competitions take place and, and, and…
On the website “MSX Resource Center” (, the central contact point of the community, a developer from Brazil was still looking for support with graphics and sound for his game project “Alien Attack” at the beginning of 2020… so much for the story.

So, here we are: Marcos Daniel Blanco (a.k.a. cbsfox) from Brazil and Daniel Simon (a.k.a. Def Danny) from Germany, both in their best mid-forty years, developing a Shoot’em up on a nearly 40-year old computer system, hoping that other people appreciate and support this work! 

How to support this project?

If you like to play the first level of the game, or want to support us by testing the game more in-depth, please have a look HERE!

We develop the game, graphics and music exclusively in our spare time, driven by the fascination of creating something beautiful and entertaining with old technology.

Maybe you would like to buy us a coffee, a free beer or a hot dog? Then we really appreciate your donation with PayPal!

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